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1 of a Kind Shoes
The adventure the four of us embarked on this day was nothing like we'd expected. I hope that was a good attention getting intro sentence, because I really do not know what we had expected. The plan was to go to 1:1 replica handbags the Golden Gate Bridge. We eventually made our way out to rent some bicycles to bike across the bridge from Blazing Saddles. The next day I did kinda feel it in my quads but that's a feeling of accomplishment. After crossing fake designer bags the bridge I had to turn right back around and forego the rest of the ride to Sausalito and the ferry ride back with my three comrades. The reason being one of my most important things to do on the trip. Despite an unwanted wait in traffic we eventually made it to the MYX headquarters at ABS CBNI Global around 6:30. The reason for this meet up was to do an interview about custom shoes for a future television show about sneaker culture. I will say it was and will be an honor to even be mentioned with some of the other names that will be appearing on the show. Check back around October for more info.
Peter found out I had not eaten lunch or anything much all day he insisted on taking me somewhere to eat replica louis vuitton bags from china before he took me back cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk to the hotel. I tried to insist that I was fine and he need not to buy my dinner but I'm glad he did not waiver. We ended up at a little Hawaiian BBQ place that I'll have a hard time trying to find something simliar here back home, but will have to. I had a BBQ plate with a few different meats: chicken, steak, and ribs. I'll probably have to start making my own since no place around here could even imagine creating such a delectable meal. replica louis vuitton BIG thanks to Peter for the interview, ride, and dinner. Definitely something that not just anyone visiting SF could plan which made the trip even fake louis bag greater.
fake designer bags night ended with a little Italian meal at Uncle Vito's Pizzadelli and a few drinks at another hotel listening to some live jazz and a couple funny stories the bartender that became jokes the rest of the trip. And way too expensive Crown and Cokes.
This was the desk of Jesse Hernandez a vinyl toy designer and overall dope artist. Jesse is the art director and host for a couple shows apart of ABS CBN programming. One of which is Vinyl Addiction. The high quality of this show makes me even more excited about how good the sneaker show will be. Check out all his work aaa replica designer handbags through his freelance site: Immortal Studios. We only spent a minute being introduced by Peter, exchanging business cards, showing off my shoes but when I said I was from Kansas City he asked if I knew fellow vinyl toy designer, artist, and friend MAD. I could only say I knew of Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica him but I recognized the same camaraderie that I have with other sneaker customizers. That was cool.
A slightly later but still early rise for this Tuesday in California was to make the first ferry ride out to Alcatraz Island. Long story short if you ever make it out be sure to go to an early tour and listen to the free audio tour. I found some great inspiration on the Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags visit of the island and penitentiary. Later in the afternoon my friends and I met with Jon of Fully Laced. Jon took us to a few shops and a great little Mexican restaurant. Next we found our way to the Union Square shopping district for a little window shopping at places like Louis Vuitton, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, NikeTown, John Varvatos, Lacoste, and a bunch of others. Sadly I was a few too many blocks away from theHundreds store on Post St. when they closed.
We arrived at a stop on Mason St. to take a ride on the famous San Francisco Cable Cars. The novice photographer that I am, I took no good photos of the cars themselves. The four of us ended up having a few beers at a small deli. There we met a guy named Ramon WAY into blue grass music and another guy on business from Spain for a company name Aries, who we had a great conversation with about renewable energy and whatnot.
The rest of the night had us visit an great pizza joint called Golden Boy Pizza. I was a traditionalist and had pepperoni while my friends went crazy and tried the clam and garlic. Eventually we ran into a bar and listed to a live band by the name of Still Time, who were kinda folk alternative rock. Who we thought were saying they are from St. Louis and we're like yeah, cool Missouri. I found they are from SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA. The bar had a great small atmosphere I just love.
Finally trying to get on the public trans our buddy lost his pass so the four of us split into two. I decided we would get off a couple blocks early and experience more of the SF nightlife with a little walk to the hotel. Stopping to check out a few street artists along the way I finally made it to theHundreds SF store. Took a couple photos and called it a night as we made it to the hotel.
I made it back safely from San Francisco. Great week. and finally arriving in California around noon. Our need for food lead us to Pho Tan Hoa for some Viet Chinese cuisine. Aftwards we bussed our way to Haight Street where I was able to visit a few shops like TRUE, FTC skateshop, and numerous second hand vintage stores. A short walk around a park and we were off to check out the Giants take on the Florida Marlins. The most memorable part of the day had to be a G's fan alongside us in the bleachers yelling "What's the matter with Ross!?!". and everyone else, myself included, responding with "HE'S A BUM" to Marlins outfielder Cody Ross.
Usually I do not make posts like this but I'm in the process of more updates to this so called blog to improve my readership and overall "online cred". So what's good in San Francisco? Why do I ask? Well because I'll be making a 1 week visit out there to the Golden State. I already have at least a couple great opportunities that will take place. But I'm still open to any suggestions.
So feel free to comment or email( [email any tips or ideas for visiting SF. The plan is to build more than what some call a "street" team, EF is looking for a Team. replica louis vuitton handbags Do you live in a large city: York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Fransisco, etc. Are you active online? Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, your own blog or website, whatever!

is not a definite list of what are looking for, more of a guideline. So if you answered yes to at least a few of those questions we would like to hear from you. Email your to those questions and tell us why would be good to choose you? We will then Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica back to you to discuss the plans of Evolved Footwear's Global Team. 


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